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No1 01-16--09, the date of Latest Change(s) to Pre-Beta site.

The date in front of article title shows when the latest change(s) to this and the other articles is made. Here I will record the major editing changes I make, explain why I make changes, explain why I add articles, comment on Interface progress and the state of public affairs as it relates to N1CL. I will date and headline what I have done except for minor spelling and punctuation changes. This should help those of you who visit to see if any changes have been made since last visit. To see "Latest changes on site" go to block on upper right. (4-26-07 rewrote, 4-30-07 edited) n1cl-1

5-20-07 I am going to add a 'Cost estimate' blog in my Forum. A serendipitous meeting with some potential lenders made me realize that I had not been thinking through the necessities of our situation clearly. Since I have already 'sold' the N1Cl to its present and future members, this 'Estimate' is due them. My job is to show lenders why N1CL WOU units will be so valuable in the future. A triple A loan.


01-16-09 Edit Front Page upper box.

01-14-09 Posted e|Phi topic to google sci/math group. Minor
edit of topic.

01-13-09 Edit forum permissions. Had all instead of
registered in Post permissions in some member

01-10-09 Edit News, added "the A-M Ball's".
Edit "Exactly where on 'earth's orbit is
'wormhole opening'?

01-09-09 Edit 'News' the 'minimize time".

01-08-09 Added 'easily'.
Added "Exactly where on 'earth's orbit is
'wormhole opening'? to top News.
Added as topic also.

01-06-09 Send e-mails to embassys.
Edit top News.

01-05-09 Edit top News.

01-04-09 Edit top News.
Edit "Front Page" top box.

01-02-09 Added "How to Disconnect" to top News.
Change 'Member forum' button to "QUESTION MEMBERS!".

12-27-08 Edit Front page, moved over to Front Page article.
Edit static News page.

12-26-08 Edit News.
Change P 1 headline to "Scientist Says Time Left
for Us to STOP Sun Explosion next July 16 is".
Added 'User Info, box to Front page, logon and

12-24-08 Remove abstract from News and put into topic.

12-23-08 Edit Abstract.

12-22-08 Carl finished Ad policy in Header.

12-21-08 Remove "Should The Rest Of You Want To" from
'News Page' title.
Add Abstract to it and Home Operations.

12-20-08 Edit Logical Observational Discrepancy Forum title.
Edit common to all title.
Personal Comment.

12-19-08 Added Prevention para to Front Page(FP).
Added Blow-First to members box on FP.

12-18-08 Edit front Page. I think we are close to done.
Little time left to edit

12-17-08 Changed advertising policy, only members can
advertise since they answer questions from anyone.
Cancel Google AdSense.
Personal Comment.
Marko has finished Q&A. Mark & Carl to install.
Edit Q&A

12-16-08 Edit top News

12-15-08 Edit Front Page.
Added "To Advertise you must become a Full Member."
to user agreement.
Brought Member forums up to date.

12-14-08 Edit user agreement.
Edit Front Page headline.

12-13-08 Transferred result of past 5 days Front Page edits
to Front Page article.

12-12-08 Discrepancy Forum worked on topics added Biggest
Scientific... & Biggest Discrepancy... links to
save Earth link box.
Edit top box front Page.
Message Tree comment about us as a society.
Add Personal Comment.

12-11-08 Worked w Marko on q&A, it is almost done. To
install tomorrow. He finally sees how it works and
boy it went fast.

12-10-08 Added topic, "Greatest scientific discovery since
soft ice cream."
Edit "view reality.....topic.

12-09-08 Added, "How Long To Know We Are Disconnected?"
Added, scroll picture block to Front Page.
Added link block to Front page.
Edit Front page.

12-08-08 Put log on/off menu at top left and in register bar.
Edit Front Page, change Purpose headline. Like old
Intro on what & Why, lets use it as a good summary
of everything on Home Operations.

12-07-08 Edit Front page.
Changed 'title of "On Doing Science" forum to
"Logical & Observational Discrepancies in present
Scientific Theories.".
Added two topics to above Forum.
Added Personal Comment.

12-05-08 Edit Front page.

12-04-08 Edit Front page. getting close to done.

12-03-08 Edit Front page. Move to article.

12-02-08 Edit top News page.

12-01-08 Edit top News page.
Edit 'What is required to stop it' article.
Created 'My Scientific Discoveries' in my forum.
Edit 'Home Operations'.
Personal Comment

11-30-08 Edit Front Page
Edit user agreements.
Carl fixed 'name address fields to make "required &

11-28-08 Edit Front page top box, moved most inside.

11-26-08 Edit Front Page top box, added headline above box.
Q&A w. Marko, getting close to done.
Made e|Phi topic an article.
Reordered News stories.
Added comment on crop circle pictures in Photo

11-25-08 Edit Q&A procedures.
Change two enter bars on Front page to side by
side, top going to left.
Personal Comment.

11-23-08 Edit Front Page box.
Edit message Tree dirtections.
Send in changes to msg tree.

11-21-08 Added topic on No Questions From Anyone
Added forum Doing Science
Change Front Page headline to "Time Left To HELP
Prevent Sun Explosion From Frying YOU!".
Changed YOU in headline to "you/US!"

11-2O-08 Removed anonymous whistle blower e-mail ad, can not
figure out how to do without a human in the middle.
Work on fixing Message Tree module.
Adding Search Engine to it.

Edit Q&A from Marko feedback.
Edit Q&A procedures.
Edit Front Page top box.
Rearrange Left Blocks.

11-19-08 Edit Custom Categories to Personal in navigation
Worked on "Message Tree".

11-18-08 Edit "What the List is For" art.
Added top header button Anonymous Questioner/non-
member Register, Message Tree, & Internal private
message system buttons.
Edit User Agreements.
Edit 'Navigation Links".

11-17-08 Removed 'bankruptcy ads' from as sense.
How reorder buttons with

11-16-08 Edit Top box Front Page.
Edit 'Home Page'.

11-15-08 Edit "Forum Info" box.
Entry "Climate Disruption" article.
Entry eq. log.

11-14-08 Edit Front Page.
Edit static Sun art. top News.

11-13-08 Test Q&A.

11-11-08 Added "Poker Story, Why You Take Insurance".

11-10-08 Added public forums.
Add 'climate disruption' article entry.
Add URL to "dimwit" block.
Change top box Front Page.
Edit, "What is required to stop our Sun from

11-08-08 Edit Home operations "My scientific Scalps".
Topic on Moebius geometry.
Edit Einstein article, minor date error last entry.

11-07-08 Copied 9-24-08 to 10-24-08 personal comments over
to article.
Added new personal comment.
Fixed Einstein title.
Sent e-mail to http://www.space.com/community about
Einstein & Sun.
Edit 3MS topic.

11-06-08 Rewrote Front Page. Put countdown clock back.
Rewrote top News.

11-04-08 Added Front page article storing Top Box changes.
Added new comment Front page Top box.

11-03-08 Edit Front Page

11-01-08 Edit 'The Story'
Edit Einstein article, added 3rd postulate.
Edit 'Home page article.
Edit Coase article.
Climate disruption article entry.

10-30-08 P 1 refined crash prediction.
Added Google Adsense. Neat to have ads.

10-28-08 Climactic crash prediction P 1.

Changed where '<' is placed to create bigger

10-24-08 edit page 1,
edit top Home operations story, rewrote top 2 para.
Add personal comment on crash and what needs to be

10-23-08 edit page 1, add three monkey link.
edit top Home operations story, add three monkey

10-17-08 Added 'catastrophic collapse' to front page w. date
with re-edit.

10-11-08 Edit Home operations, added preface, comment para
to be changed as needed.
Edit Front Page.

10-10-08 Edit top Home operations.

10-09-08 Edit top box page 1.
Test Q&A module.
Add comment.

10-07-08 Edit top box page 1.

10-06-08 More edit top box Front page.

10-05-08 Edit title Home Operations.
Remove and replace top para, top box P 1.
Add comment.
Removed from top para, " Biggest personal civic gift: The N1CL gives you, your business, your organization the only way you can show by deed, that your words and your veracity can be trusted by all on Earth. There can be no greater gift to us than good information, and no greater gift to yourself than a good reputation.

and replaced with " The N1CL's Prime Function
is to discover who has honor on Earth; who keeps their word; who seeks the truth. Only those with honor can be trusted to give us the greatest civic gift of all, good public information, while giving themselves the greatest personal asset of all, a good reputation."

9-30-08 Edit top of Home Operations.

9-29-08 Edit top of Home Operations.

9-28-08 Fixed top story News Module edit box.

9-27-08 Edit Sun Story at top News.
Fix 'top story' module on News, can not use DF block
to edit as Top Story as it stays on top of all News
articles links.
Add comment.

9-23-08 Edit Coase article.
9-09-08 to 9-23-08 Personal Comments moved to art.
Added Personal Comment.

9-22-08 Smolin e-mail, I think I will make a topic.

9-21-08 More debugging of Q&A w Marko.
Edit Home Page.
rearrange order of News Stories on Home operations.
Edit 'The Story'

9-20-08 Add my name to News page headline.
Change Headline of top story to When Prevent.
Change countdown clock to 1-15-09.
Edit Home Operations to shorten and clarify N1CL

9-19-08 Added headers to Home Operations and News module.
New comment.
Edit Coase article.

9-18-08 More editing Smolin e-mail

9-17-08 Added 5 todos top Home Operations.
Testing Q&A procedures on Marco server.

9-16-08 Better News changed to "BETTER NEWS: How to hold our
lying leaders and newspeople accountable."

9-15-08 rearranged links in Climate Disruption article.

9-13-08 "Better News How to stop news people from letting
"know not true" statements by leaders go
unchallenged." Put "know not true" in red.
Add comment.

9-12-08 Changed top headline to "How to Prove Your Public
Integrity To Anyone."

9-11-08 Changed top headline Front Page to "The N1CL
internet interface is the ONLY Way you can Prove
your Public Integrity. ".
Rewrote top of Home operations.
Added to Eq. Log.
Changed top headline Front Page to "The ONLY Way to
Prove your Public Integrity to everyone on Earth.".

9-09-08 Changed headline Front Page to "The ONLY way you can
prove your Public Integrity over the internet." &

removed paragraph.

9-06-08 Edit 'Scientist explains alternatives' box on p 1.
Added why to 'Where another planet may be' topic.
Edit Where and Why FTL topic.

9-05-08 Add to FTL topic.
Fix full member 'user agreement'.
Add FTL comment to Personal comments.

9-02-08 New topic "Why, How & Where FTL.
Add url to 'Not thinking' block.

8-30-08 Edit 'Einstein article.
Edit "What is required to stop sun from exploding".
Edit Home Page.
Edit 'Who I Have Contacted'.
Edit 'Coase' article.
found Subscription module bug.

8-29-08 Edit January date, it is 15th not 16 182.625 days ]
on page 1.
Edit home page, more deletions and moves to topics.
Edit 'The "Story'.

8-27-08 Edit 'latest news block on Front Page 'Alternatives'
moved 'personal comment'.

8-25-08 Edit 'Who do we need, How can you help.'.

8-24-08 Added benefits to Front Page.
Edit 'Home'. SellSellSell

8-22-08 Edit "What is required to stop our Sun from
exploding?" art.
Edit 'Prevention is Simple box.
Edit 'A-M debt Needed Disconnection.....'.

8-21-08 Edit 'what List is for box.
Edit 'Personal Comment coupling No First Cost Law to


8-20-08 Rewrote 'What List is about Box top Front Page.
Rewrote 'latest news' "The Alternatives",
copy to Headline topic.
3-D measure edit, very interesting tool.

8-19-08 Edit How we Disconnect.
Changed Q&A procedures to 10 minute only to edit an
entry, then record locked.

8-17-08 Edit 'How we disconnect' on Front Page.
Changed title to '8-17-08 How to Measure "Global
Climate Disruption" in 3-D.'.

8-16-08 Change to Personal Comment.
Edit Last Chance to Act.

8-15-08 Spell check Homeostatic article.
Edit Swear honest.

8-13-08 started Swear Honest article on Front Page

8-12-08 Revised Where Planet is topic.
Changed Global Climate Change back to "Global
Climate Disruption"
Revised 'How To Measure Common Good'.
Revise Negative feedback para top Home.

8-11-08 Edit Front Page 'Scientist Warns......' box.
Revised and expanded Where Planet Is topic.

8-10-08 Edit top Home operations on what N!CL does.
Edit 'Three Monkey Topic & added survey.

8-08-08 Added space Weather URL top Global Climate.
Comment that Gulf Stream looks back to normal.

8-06-08 Created Three Monkey topic in my forum
Moved 7-31 to 8-5-08 PC to Personal comment art.
Edit Personal comment

8-05-08 Added to IM on Wormhole remains open all year to
Personal Comments.
Edit and closed 7-31-08 comment Personal Comment.
Worked with Marko on Q&A module.

8-03-08 Put Planet location prediction in a topic.
Added topic URL to Front Page in Scientist gives
Changed Global Climate Disruption to Global Climate
Edit Personal Comments and Prediction.

7-31-08 Put July 16 congress.org to Disconnection URLs.
Removed old 4 day congress.org post.
Post new comment.

7-17-08 Moved 7-16 comment start new.

7-16-08 Moved 7-14 comment start new.
Change Front Page countdown clockj to July 16, 2009
4:32:09 PM.
Rewrote Page 1 headline box
Post to Congress.org Prevention was simple, saving
some is not.

7-15-08 Edit Home Operations.
Spell check Dan's topics.
Move Q&A procedures to top of Home Operations.
Changed Q&A so only question locks entry.
Changed countdown clock to July 16, 2009 in Home.

7-14-08 Copy 7-13-08 Personal Comment to Personal Comment

7-13-08 Move 7-11 comment to Personal Comment article.
New Personal comment.
Edit "Three Monkey Society" comment.
Moved Registration Agreement to topic and put in
New 'Scientist gives Warning' answer.
More spell checking of topics.

7-11-08 Edit Home Oprations.
Fix phi/phi error in e|Phi topic.
Added to Objective measure of Common Good article.

7-10-08 Ran everything through spell checker using Firefox
3.0. Yikes!
Edit Comments.
Changed Front page removed 'else'.
Added "Corrected and Verified" to Page 1 headline.
Rewrote user agreement, will sit on a bit.

7-09-08 Edit top Home Operations.
Add Personal Comment on top Home Operations.
Edit intro Homeostatic article.

7-08-08 Edit Global Climate Disruption intro.
Edit top of Home Operations.
Changed Blog..... title to 7-08-08 Last entry:
Personal Comments.

7-07-08 Edit top page 2.
Added "Register ask questions and help inside." to
page 1 in Scientist gives warning.
Edit Homeostatic... intro.
Added Homeostatic article to Disconnection Url
Removed Fire the Grid url from Disconnection url
Did 8 & 5 soapbox entries at 11:30 PM.

7-06-08 Edit top Page 2
Eq log entry

7-05-08 New entry top Home Operations.
New lead sentence Page 1 "Scientist gives warning".
Edit top Home Operations.

Edit Homeostatic article.

7-04-08 New top page 2.
Create News article, "date/time "Top of "Home
Operations" entries".
Put url of above article just below latest entry.
Changed Homeostasis art. to 7-04-08 Latest entry,
"Homeostatic Measurement of "Global Climate
Disruption". Added para of explanation.

7-03-08 Posted 13 & 7 days left to Soapbox on Congress.org.
Edit Page 2 top para.
My first criticism, mlmn found an error, outstanding!

7-02-08 Posted 14 & 8 days left Soapbox on Congress.org.
Blog entry.
Edit Full Member user agreement to reflect "I
swear..." agreement.

7-01-08 Posted 15 & 9 soapbox.
Rearranged URLs in Links to help disconnect.

6-30-08 Posted below to Soapbox on Congress.org. I will
post it through the 10th, changing only the two
numbers = a countdown.
Changed Page 1, Scientist givew warning.

16 Days Left to Stop Sun From Exploding
Why are we letting the US govt hide E-T ships and technology from us?
Unless Congress and the President act within the next 10 days, we all die on July 16, 2009.

Go to http://www.no1stcostlist.com for more information, to ask questions, and help.

Dan Alter n1cl-1

Fixed register that let people pick a n1cl-# as
handle. We will assign only to paying members.

6-29-08 change Page 1 warning and 5 lives under "Prevention
is simple."
Changed "Find Out Who You Can trust For the NEWS
About Anything" on page 1, to "NEWS Tested in Public
by Questions From Anyone".
Added red 'this' in front of July 16. in Scientist
gives warning, and Einstein answer.

6-27-08 reformatted articles using 'extended text'.

6-26-08 Fixed energy bulletin url in Homeostasis article.
Feature request for Carl, add I swear to.... to
page 1. Done.
More edits Page 1 in big box.
Added para top page 2 about 'I swear...'
New soapbox using the "I swear..." headline.
Add "By Dan:...." article.
Put By Dan in Disconnection links block.

6-25-08 Added 'See Einstein article inside' to Page 1.
Edit page 2.
Blog entry.
edit The Story.
Add new article Comments on Doing Science & Society.
Changed 'not-reply acceptance' to 'acceptance by not
replying in time' in Q&A.

Changed in Q&A 'first upon' to "during".

6-24-08 Changed Scientist give Warning answer on Page 1.

Edit top page 2, moved two para to intro and put
deleted para in new topics my forum as questions
with answers.
Rewrote Introduction.
Copy of Obama Soapbox in topic with edits done.
Copy of Get the E-T ships Soapbox in topic.
Homeostasis entry.

6-23-08 Added Obama story to Soapbox.
Edit 'Story'.

6-21-08 Edit "the story"
More notifications to congressmen

6-20-08 Added Q&A bar between upper
headline box and lower box.
Posted on Congress.org $8.95 plus to my congressmen

6-19-08 Edit page 1, added 5 lines under headline.
added 'Prevention is Simple'.

6-18-08 Added headline on Front Page
Edit Intro page 2
100 WOUS to Carl

6-16-08 Headline change. Warning.
Delete 'N!CL Hiring Article
Added new header to top box on page 1
Edit Page 2
Blog entry "Will you help by sending out the
no1stcostlist.com URL to Congress and friends?"
Added to Latest News Page 1 "

6-14-08 Added WOU article.

6-13-08 Changed Q&A to 4 ways to end Dialogue.
100 WOUs to Marko for great question on ways.

6-12-08 New Page 1 warning headline.
I figured out 'why equidistant'
Edit 'Disconnection Must Dos" Need spirit-scope NOW

6-10-08 A scientists Challenge topic. It will go to top page
1 box as soon as Q&A is finished.
Fixed links in Home operations page.
Added 'Missing Earth' at near top.
Eq. log entry.

6-06-08 Modified Latest Headline at bottom Page 1

6-05-08 Blog entry on add to Front Page

6-02-08 Edit Einstein answer. See 'Fundamental Scientific
Discovery' topic in my forum. I am writing 'How to
write eq. directions.". Most strange.
Blog entry.
'Homeostasis' entry on N. ice cap melt rate and GS.

6-01-08 Rewrote Einstein answer on page 1

5-30-08 Changed 72 hour time to reply to 24 before block is

applied, a least for Beta.
Moved Q&A Procedures to nearer top Page 2

5-28-08 Change 'Latest headline' to "Most of you, especially

present day scientists, act afraid to TEST the
assertion that we are REAL SPIRITS that create and
maintain life on Earth by Exchange. We split base
particles to cause our life forms to move; thus
creating an A-M debt that is almost due........".
Put a front end on 'The story' starting with above

5-27-08 Added to P 1" "Silence gives consent, the oldest
legal/debate/science principle of all" . .... can be
deflected. Dan Alter n1cl-1
Eq. Log comment to Carl on how coor sys works.
Edit Page 2
Added 'Physical Spirits' to Page 1 in Einstein answer

5-25-08 Changed headline Page 1. To 'Headline topic'.
Eq. Log entry of explanation to Carl..

5-23-08 Added topic on changes to Einstein Test on Page 1
regarding steps to coordinate system.
Put copy in eq.log.

5-22-08 Added energy bulletin URL about peak oil to
Homeostasis article.

5-12-08 Page 2 edit. removed second sentence 2nd para.
Eq. log entry, a comment to Carl about eq.
To Homeostasis article. Todo, add url to
"differences from mean and median......"

5-09-08 Put link to this article in Links to Help
Eq. log entry.

5-07-08 Page 1, four to 4, added 'when' & 'movable' etc.
Page 2 top, capitalized "user agreements"
Eq. log entry on 'movable origin'.

5-06-08 Page 2 top edit.
Added explanation for date in front for article
titles to this article.

5-05-08 Carl added change to P1 in Einstein section.
Added entry to Einstein article.

5-03-08 Page 1 changes installed by Carl
Edit 'story' article.
Added ?BEST to main headkine.

5-01-08 Edit Page 1 to clarify Questioner procedures.
Edit page 2 second paragraph.
Homeostasis article, ordered URL's better. Put in an
entry on Gulf Stream.
Added NOT DEALT WITH NEWS headline on page 2.
Changed " " " " headline to THE WORST EVER
Then changed P 1 headline to: THE WORST EVER NEWS, KEPT FROM WE, the PEOPLE by OUR LEADERS: Unless WE ACT ON July 16, 2008; Our Sun Will Explode ON July 16, 2009. The USA govt has captured the FTL(Faster Than Light) E-T ship(s) required to stop this. I have made the basic math discoveries needed to navigate these ships at FTL to where/when our Anti-Matter conservation debt can be deflected. Dan Alter n1cl-1

4-30-08 Edit Page 1 to emphasize NEWS
Change para 1 on Page 2

4-28-08 Changed headline on Page 1
Accountable Answers for All to Accountable NEWS All

4-25-08 added eq. finish must do to 'Must Do' article.
Blog entry on eq. and where we are at as a society.
Eq. log entry on three operational premises needed
to finish eq.

4-24-08 Edit 'Premise, theory...

4-22-08 Added 2-16-08 "I should be able to deduce...." to
page 2.
Edit Coase article.
Put summary of Coase article on Newsvine.
Eq. log entry

4-21-08 Edit 'story'
Edit Coase article, moved abstract to top.

4-18-08 edit P 2

4-14-08 Edit Must Dos

4-12-08 Finished putting togeter new server, fully
operational in a week.
Edit Must Dos
Blog entry

4-06-08 Page 2 Added new 3rd para. "Great scientific
discovery..." on Not 4-D but 3-D. other edits

4-04-08 Entry eq log: on 'not 4D but 3D'.

4-03-08 We are going to use new server.
Eq. log entry of center of coor. system for Moebius.
We have navigation on a level up from base equation.
Close enough for disconnection. I can see how to use
coordinate system with e|Phi points.
Page 2 edit, added two new countdown clocks and new
3rd para. It is close to done.

3-30-08 Page 2 edit, decided assign full member n1cl *s
at time of joining. We still need permanent public

3-28-08 Added E-T warning para page 2.

3-27-08 Edit Pag 2

3-25-08 Edit Pge 2, added sentence on top, edit todos.

3-21-08 Edit Home page, Start Todo art. Edit page 2

3-20-08 Edit 'Premise and Theory article

3-18-08 Page 2 editing, fixing bugs using content module.
use link to story in Intro. Rewrite story.
Must test registration procedures and create specific
block for A-M debt links only.

3-17-08 First e-mail to Boukema on his theory toroidal

3-16-08 Home module finished, Page 2 edit, fixing bugs

3-15-08 Very busy with new programmers
Page 2 edit both top, Introduction, and 'story'.

3-07-08 Page 2 edit top
Edit public record, fix html

3-05-08 Page 2, top almost done
Edit 'e'|phi' topic
Worked w Carl

3-04-08 top Page 2 edit with very concrete directions.
Entry My Blog on equation and how I see it hook

3-03-08 Page 2 edit

todo: Build a mirror to see our spirits

3-02-08 Page 2 edit
Countdown clock on P 2 installed.

3-01-08 Page 2 edit and to add 'countdown clock' & links.
Edit story

2-29-08 Moved How disconnect to Page 2

2-27-08 Page 2 edit

2-25-08 Top Page 2 rewrite

Added Fire The Grid topic

2-25-08 Worked on e|phi topic all weekend.
Settled on final Headline for now.
Rewrote top page 2

2-22-08 Added topic to my forum and Eq. log. "How to find the
points on a circle that make 'e' and Phi

2-20-08 Headline change.
Eq. log entry on how simple operation to make e/phi
points is.
Edit top Page 2
Blog entry

2-19-08 Headline change.
Eq. log on using circle to get e and phi
Page 2. top editing

2-18-08 Headline change.
Eq. log entry on e and procedures and nomenclature

2-17-08 Headline change
Eq. log on finding where e is and Phi
Page 2 top para edit and 2nd todo

Blog entry on e and phi

e-mail on bug Headline box P1

2-16-08 Problem with 'change headline box.
Top Page 2 edit
Added todos
EQ. Log entry PLEASE CHECK OUT circle generates e

2-15-08 Changed 1st sentence Page 1: "Help prove Geometric
property of Moebius navigation equation. Proven true,
we have FTL navigation to the stars. See eq. log
article inside. (2-15-08)".
Added comments on 'rates of change' of base and
height lines of our ABC triangle and repulsive force.
Edit para top of Page 2

2-14-08 Changed headline to announce eq discovery.
Eq. log describe how to test discovery.

2-13-08 Changed 'comment sentence' in Page 1 headline.
Edited Page 2 story, and added URLs.
Rewrote top para Page 2. Saw wonderful Pete Seeger
movie. We must do this together.
New first sentence for headline to.

2-12-08 My blog entry on geometric discovery and other
Edited 'Earth Metrics'

2-10-08 New 1st sentence P 1 "Only if we are real physical
spirits is this prediction true.(2-10-08)"

2-09-08 Edited and added to 'story'.

2-08-08 Changed Page 1 headline first sentence see topic in
my forum.
Eq. log entry, listing elements and where we must sit
to write eq. describing what we do to keep our bodes
Page 2 edits for clarity.
Blog entry
Added 'Homeostasis' to title of Gulf Stream article.

2-06-08 Blog on FR,
? into Eq lot,
Changed P 1 Headline with 'until'
"Who I ask." to my forum as topic.

2-05-08 Edit Test todo
Put two ToDos at bottom of Story.
My blog comment

2-04-08 Add TEST todo to Page 2

2-03-08 Add todo, i.e. pre-fixed space for editing

2-02-08 Page 2 edit and delete many redundancies
Answered Question on date impact
Put promise to speak honestly in my forum
Blog entry
Eq log entry

1-31-08 Page 2 Work on story.
Sign Page 2 as Dan Alter
e-mail to Whitley Strieber
Admin work

1-26-08 Page 2, rearrange top of.
Eq log. proof of constant discussion.

1-25-08 Page 1 edit headline.
Page 2 edit top, explain more clearly.
Equation Log. Got constant.

1-21-08 Top Page 2 edit
edit 1-20-08 My blog entry
edit and add to N1CL record Headlines and story.

1-20-08 Rewrote top of Page 2
Added Euler's article to Eq paper with discussion.
My blog. detailed description of how to disconnect.

1-14-08 Eq. article, Changed answer to yes and gave point of
Blog. contact Robert Bigelow of Bigelow Aerospace
blog. Explain why changed mind on eq.

1-12-08 Edit top of Page 2, start story.
Eq. art: Give answer to release equation point? = NO
Eq. art: Explain conditions of release.(No longer
Blog: Explain more about above decision.

1-10-08 Edit top Page 2 to reflect urgency of our situation.
Punctuation edit Einstein article
Changed title of Earth metrics article.

1-10-08 Changed Earth's Homeostasis Metrics' title.
Edited top of page 2
Edited page 1 headline from two ways to one.
Entry in blog.
Entry in equation log on zero as 'gatekeeper'.
Entry Equation log on eg. base relationship.

12-30-07 Changed My Blog title, added to blog
Changed headline on page 1.
Edited Page 2 to reflect headline
Changed 'Gulfstream article title to 'Earth's
Homeostasis Metrics'

12-21-07 Edited page 2, added to blog

12-20-07 Edited top Page 2, Added to Blog, Eq log

12-18-07 Edited Einstein article, added abstract.
Edited Coase article.

12-08-07 Edited top of Page 2
Entry to blog on M/A-M discovery geometric No More

Entry to Gulf Stream article slightly weaker.
Edited 'Einstein Article'.

11-22-07 Added Thesis answer in Einstein article at top.
Added three articles to equation log.

11-17-07 Blog entry, New scientist articles and on list

11-14-07 Added sentence in top para page 2 on Real

10-20-07 Removed July 7, 2007 'Moon Hit' mentions and edited
'Moon Hit' article explaining why changes.

10-12-07 Entry 'My Blog' on no 'Moon Hit' and what must be
done anyway.

10-12-07 tested Q&A with M

10-12-07 Equation log entry.

8-28-07 Added revisions to 'Moon Hit" prediction

8-28-07 Reformat page 1

8-28-07 GS reaches new minimum 2.99 million KMS

8-13-07 Change Page 1 "Show Your Honesty To All" to "Find Out
Who You Can Trust For The NEWS About Anything".

8-13-07 Added comment on new Headline on Page 2.

8-13-07 Entry in My Blog

8-13-07 Added to 'Moon Hit' article.

8-10-07 New Arctic Ice Minimum. Copy article Cryosphere Today

8-10-07 Changes to page 2 headline, and explanation of bug.

8-09-07 Added e-mails to 'Moon Hit" article.

8-04-07 Arctic ice cap is shrinkingd dramatically, no comment
anywhere else.

8-07-07 Added 'Moon Hit' clarifications. We have a candidate

asteroid to hit moon.

8-04-07 Page 2 'Moon Hit' tightened debris field hit time.

8-04-07 Added cropcircleconnector.com URL to article.

8-04-07 GS article added Arctic Ice Cap at new all time low.

8-04-07 Change to Eq log, about mathematicians.

8-02-07 Rewrote 'Moon Hit' para on page 2 and MH article.

7-30-07 Arctic Ice Cap at last years minimum two month early.

7-30-07 Modified 'July 7, 2007 article twice.

7-30-07 Added comment on July 7, 2007 article top Page 2.

7-29-07 Added 'July 7, 2007" crop circle article.

7-29-07 Artic ice is below 5 million square kilometers.
600,000 square kilometers ahead of last years melt.

7-25-07 Three changes: Discussion of zero, the final eg.

7-24-07 Answered three questions regarding

7-24-07 Added explicit directions to top of Page 2 above
procedures in response to feedback from questioner.
We will leave those directions there in the future.

7-22-07 Three changes: Rewrote top of Page 2 again.

7-22-07 GS article: Arctic ice shelf 650,000 square
kilometers smaller than this time last year.

7-22-07 Changed page 1 and page 2 headlines in beta version.

7-18-07 One change: Rewrote Fire the Grid paragraph after we
did participate in the event.

7-14-07 Two changes:

7-13-07 Rewrote top of page 2

7-14-07 Added do "Fire The Grid" top of Page 2

7-07-07 Two changes:

7-07-07 Changed Temp anomaly link, comments on GS.

6-26-07 Added discussion on how use equation and base
conserved measuring stick to see moebius univerese

6-29-07 Three changes:

6-26-07 Moved "GS Temp Anomalies" URL to

6-26-07 Pointed out comparison showing how weak GS has

6-26-07 Reported my discovery of base conserved relationship
in a MSS universe in Eq. log.

6-26-07 Two changes:

6-26-07 Edited Explanation on top of Page 2. A how soon to
Beta added also.

6-18-07 Comments in 'On doing Science' in my forum.

6-18-07 Two changes:

6-18-07 Added to equation log. Talk about Phi times phi = 1
and two possible tests on using pentagon to navigate
on Moebius.

6-18-07 Registration almost done and added project to BC.

6-15-07 Four changes:

6-13-07 Added entries to "On Doing Science" in my forum.

6-14-07 More entries and edits of "On Doing Science".

6-15-07 Added Phi/Phi article outline to "On Doing Science".

6-15-07 New topic, "On the E-Ts visiting Earth" in my forum.

6-12-07 Two changes: to equation log.

6-12-07 Added final component for 'equation': How Phi is
incorporated' in equation for Moebius = navigation
between the stars and between the two sides of the
Moebius surface.

6-12-07 Dan's forum "On doing science" some comments on Phi
discovery and on 'us'.

6-10-07 One change:

6-10-07 Edited "N1CL Needs & Hiring

6-7-07 One change:

6-5-07 Editing changes to Page 2, more todo.

6-2-07 Two changes:

6-2-07 Blue Spot disappears in Eastern Atlantic in 50 KM
North American sea temperature pictures, but GS
weakens further.

6-2-07 Added "CO2 increases 3 times faster expected" link to
Gulf Stream 'article.

5-30-07 One changes:

5-30-07 Added 'Gulf Stream Stopping" entry. It
makes some predictions based upon 'blue spot' in GS
that recently appeared.

5-28-07 Two changes:

5-27-07 Added additional Contact Congress URL disconnect

5-28-07 Added crop circle research URL to disconnection links

5-26-07 Five changes:

5-26-07 Added to 'Cost estimate' topic Dan's forum.

5-26-07 Added 'float' entry to equation log.

5-26-07 Changed North GS URL location and added comment.

5-26-07 Added, "Except for 'not replying' to a 'this is my
last response'
;" in front of "Staying
current.........."in 'Q&A Dialogue Procedures'.

5-26-07 Rearranged left blocks, creating 'Links to help
disconnect' block on top right.

5-23-07 One change:

5-23-07 Entry in "On Doing Science" in Dan's forum.

5-22-07 One change:

5-22-07 Page 2 More editing on Explanation. To many
redundancies still. More formatting to do.

5-22-07 Equation log. Riemann Hypothesis.

5-20-07 Six changes:

5-20-07 Added 'Cost Estimate' entry.

5-20-07 Edited page 2 throughout day to reflect 'Cost
Estimate' entry above in intro.

5-20-07 Added 'Cost Estimate' blog to my Forum.

5-20-07 Edited Coase article.

5-20-07 Added "Joules" article to "Gulf Stream Disruption".

5-20-07 Added Banner Ad with N1CL Ad policy.

5-19-07 Two changes:

5-19-07 Edited Page 2 to reflect need for fast build of N1CL.

5-19-07 Edited 'Coase' article.

5-17-07 Three Changes:

5-17-07 Added link list to Gulf Stream Article.

5-16-07 Edited intro on top of Page 2.

5-16-07 Edited First entry on Public Record.

5-13-07 One Change:

5-12-07 Edited Introductory Message

5-12-07 One change:

5-12-07 Added title "Q&A Dialogue Procedures" to top of 'directions'.

5-10-07 Three changes:

Rewrote top of Page 2.

Added post on Tropical Storm Andrea to GS article.

Addec post on cold snap Poland May 7 to GS article.

5-09-07 Three changes:

Changed Page 2 'Home Operations Page' Blue header headline to: The Only Internet Interface That
Verifies The Reasons For Public Disagreements.

Added: "Except for organizations, you can block new questions at any time by stating a reason; e.g. vacation, sick." to directions & constraints on Page 2.

Rewrote explanation of Pre-Beta Interface on top of Page 2.

5-08-07 One change:

Added 4 useful URLs to GS article including 3 sea temp ones and the Cryosphere Today

5-07-07 One change:

1. Shortened "The N1CL's Best Feature" at top of Page 2(Home Operations Page)in N1CL procedures for Dialogues. You probably won't notice the difference but I saved a line and it reads better.

5-06-07 Three changes:

1. A PREDICTION in Gulf Stream article, The North atlantic Drift http://oceancurrents.rsmas.miami.edu/atlantic/north-atlantic-drift.html is going to weaken very rapidly.

2nd PREDICTION in GS article, Decrease in breaks and kinks in DEOS pictures coupled with turning South imply a new stable equilibrium pattern is forming where GS pools water below 40 degrees North all across Atlantic.

3. A ToDo on N1CL. Add a question counter which automatically gives a unique ID to each question.

5-05-07 Three Changes:

1. Added observation that GS has additional big stream South. See GS article.

2. Edited 5-04-2007 Eg log add on, plus added implication.

3. Added topic Question to Dan Alter's forum: Topologists say Moebius is a surface with one side; no it's not, it is a single surface with two sides as you can see for yourself.

5-04-07 One Change:

Added Good Gulf Stream NOAA link. A ToDo request.

5-03-07 Three Changes:

1. Changed Intro on top of Page 2.

2. Added entry Eq log explaining what relationship EQ must conserve and some implications.

2. Started new topic in my member forum: "On Doing Science".

5-02-07 Three changes:

1. Added post about Honey bees on Strict Liability in my forum.

(to equation log) 2. On 'what is conserved in equation?': It took me 15 years to realize I needed a "two origin" co-or system, which implies that "choosing which end of your base unit with which you start any measurement using this 'coor sys' must be explicitly acknowledged in calculations using coor system. The "what is conserved in our Moebius? = edge width/edge to edge surface area ratio is what defines the "end of unit" used. I just need to explain this to myself.

3. Next Article Outline: "How and Why I know we have a A-M debt". I was able to explain this to a new person from scratch, 'How I arrived at my deduction Earth had a A-M debt from reading Coases's Theorem for first time, through showing why he was mistaken, to What Objective Measure of Value all life forms use, to why that implied Moebius universe, to Why we were had to be real physical spirits that had dominion over matter exhibited by 'making a Hole', to why this implied a A-M conservation debt, to my 'Oh S---' list of evidence that I did not look for but whose pieces just jumped up and bit me on the end of my nose, to 'Why I know the Date', to "why I know We Can Disconnect This Debt'. Knowing we can does not mean the rest of you will help.

After I told my recapitulation, I could not help but wish I was wrong about this prediction, even though it is one fine piece of science and it does prove our universe is conserved at its most basic level with respect to ourselves. My feelings are similar to the man asked for his last words at his hanging, "If it wasn't for the honor, I would just as soon forgo the occasion." If wishes were horses, beggars would ride. God has created a universe that always gives us the 'minimal chance' to change the outcome. Your choice, My choice is shown by my actions.

04-29-2007 1. Adding a comment on Equation = On coordinate system and how we tie it to a Moebius in a 'conserved equation' form. In short, what is equation conserving through time. e = mcc is a conserved equation but we do not know which way the equation turns; i.e. which way is the past, which way is the future? I know how to do that know.

2. I expect registration function of Interface to be completed this week. Probably post new registration page(non-functional) for your comments tomorrow.

3. Gulf stream continues to weaken.

4. I read an article describing how 'separated' we are from each other as measured by 'average number of close confidants' we have. In 1984 25%, now about 12% in USA. Much higher overseas. Our social compact has been destroyed by our toleration of lies at every level. The N1CL is how we restore our faith in one another.

5. Considering new article 'summing up' where I think we are at in the universe, given what my scientific discoveries imply about our place in it.

Conclusion: The universe is 'alive' seeks life, seeks to grow; ergo, we will get help with out disconnection from unexpected sources. We'll see.

04-27-2007 Added this post to Gulf Stream article: Posted conclusions about new currents flowing South off of Gulf Stream at http://rads.tudelft.nl/gulfstream/#fig1 Climate Patrol. It speaks for itself. No change in prediction Gulf Stream slowing dramatically as we speak.

4-26-07 Shortly, after 'register' page is done you will see that we have added a new condition, stating that, 'you will be assigned a permanent n1cl-# for your public address, and you agree not to use another n1cl # in the future.'. On the list we do not need to know your actual address after you are verified by an existing member or send in notarized copy verifying your ID. We will identify you by keeping a list of 'personal characteristics'. We do our billing through Paypal of other 3rd party payment system so we will not keep your local address stored except by request or initial verification necessity. IN Summary, "We do not need to know where you are, to verify who you are." This is for the protection of 'whistle blowers' or members in spirited public discussions. We will figure out a secure way to let members exchange there actual addresses should they so desire, maybe using our PM system. So unless you ask us to for some reason, we do not want to know your address after we have verified who you are.

4-26-07 Added new topic in my forum, "Why not enforcing Strict Liablity for the Time Cost of our Exchanges is ruining our planetary Environment and hoe to use the N1CL to fix." Pretty snappy.

4-26-07 I heard first mention of Bee Deaths on commercial radio news earlier today. They said 25% loss of hives, that does not sound true from my reading on the internet. The normal average hive loss through a winter reported by the beekeepers association ia about 17%. An increase in loss to 25% could not possibly result in the almost complete loss of the Almond crop. It must be much larger. Seat of the pants guess, well over 50%. Anyone got any ideas on how to get the real number?

The biggest problem we face is political. Since there has never been a real public place to prove your honesty, we think that having liars and theives run our big businesses and government is the normal order of things. It is not for real civilized societies.

Right now, our biggest problem is our political leadership. Until we can get them to agree on what 'Objective Measure of Value" all life forms use to stay alive with = objective ethical measure; then we are doomed. We do not have time to exterminate them. We must persuade them. That means I must pursuade you as to why knowing what this measure is and how we apply it is crucial for us to be people who know what Law of Accountability can be applied impartially to all and hHOw to Objectively Measure the Costs we hold each other accountable for.

What To Do

4-22-07 My wife says I only talk about 'negative' things, that I should be more positive. She and I are both perfectly prepared to die when the Sun explodes. We all have an inevitable appointment with death and Earth's conservation death is in the natural order of things; it is how the universe 'works'. What is not the Normal order is consciously working to preventing it through world-wide political cooperation. To achieve this positive end, we must face the facts of our situation unflinchingly. The N1CL was invented so that you can verify my facts, question my conclusions, and root out mistakes. With it, WE can publicly verify that my prediction is true so we citizens can take the immediate action required for Earth to survive. Questions and Challenges Please!(rewrote 4-26-07)

4-22-07 I spent last night doing searches for sites on Gulf Stream, effects of its stopping, and found some nice new 'picture links' by NOAA etc that seem to confirm it has slowed dramatically. I will add more links to Gulf Stream story later. What struck me was that there are many sites describing what happens if it stops = ice age in Northern hemisphere etc, some noting evidence that it happens with 'like throwing a switch' quickness. All these sites date from past years. But I repeat, as the evidence from DEOS and other sea surface temperature maps show, it has declined dramatically in the last few months yet NADA public comment, especially from government sources.

4-22-07 At top of Page two in "Pre-Beta explanation of site" above "directions" I added: explanation on how to 'register' on this pre-beta site and expained Membership button did not work fully, and reward for registering and questioning now.n1cl-1

4-21-07 Added to Equation Log, discussion of how coor system works and clarifying notes to last log entry on 'Ears of Moebius'. I point out an error and discuss Edge Width unit.n1cl-1

Changed 'profile' by adding comments where I define moebius equation.n1cl-1
4-18-07 Added explanation to Gulf Stream story in response to poll response saying "needed fuller explanation".n1cl-1

4-22-07 In addition, I did searches on the massive honey bee die offs now reported in Europe, Australia, USA. This is another 'coincidence' related to July 17, 2007-July 16, 2008 50% plus die off needed to stop sun exploding. I will add links later today.

Posted by admin 2007-04-21 21:25:30

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This climate url shows why much of our scientific establishment is corrupt.

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Cimate Fraud Whistleblower Rewards Program

These links deal directly with How to Prevent our Sun from exploding.

How do we prevent our Sun from exploding July 16, 2024

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This math is required.
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