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A ToE that uses Gravity to link the other three basic forces
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PostPost subject: A ToE that uses Gravity to link the other three basic forces
Posted: Sun Dec 25, 2016 3:19 pm

2020-10-31 add "The crucial question.", 12-25-16, revised 1-8-17, add from top FP 1-16-17
8-13-18 Added necessary premise for a TOE with respect to c.

All theories begin from where you sit. We all see the speed of light c as a constant no matter our speed and direction or the speed and direction of the emitting object.

Therefore any TOE using c as the base measure for all observations must rest on the Theory of Relativity and how our speed as a % of c affects our observations and measurements.

The smallest unit of c is h Planck's constant. Given that h per minimum time unit = h the distance traveled per minimum time unit = one photon we are off and running with the deductions about how our Natural Laws work.

Theory of Everything: A theory of everything (ToE), final theory, ultimate theory, or master theory is a hypothetical single, all-encompassing, coherent theoretical framework of physics that fully explains and links together all physical aspects of the universe. Wikipedia. Not hypothetical now with respect to tying Gravity to the other three basic forces.

Actually a ToE is a pretentious definition by assuming the job is done. Just because I backed us up against the "For now we can not See/Measure beyond this Edge" by tying gravity to the other three basic forces only means we have not yet seen the tiny discrepancies in my theory that will show us how to see beyond this boundary. I assure that positing that we have a ToE for how the whole wide universe works is balderdash.

its simple once you realize how the instantaneous proportion of Gravity works entangles all forms of matter together.

What the instant part of Gravity(Gi) does is link Special & General Relativity(Gravity only at c or Gc) to the Quantum Forces, i.e. electromagnetism and the strong and weak forces with respect to a common base unit of measure h, i.e. (Planck's Constant).

Ergo showing how Gravity as defined by Newton's Law and refined by Einstein in the Special and General is required. In reality this means explaining entanglement and the instant transmission of information between paired particles using Gravity as the linking mechanism.

Implications: Faster Than Light(FTL) space travel. As the Front Page of the N1CL talks about, our Sun is going to explode in less than eight years unless we act together to stop it. Reliable stopping means we must invent FTL.

Maybe some of you billionaires who want to go to Mars using a chemical rocket would prefer a quicker safer ride there. I am going to propose a way that anyone who wants to do FTL first crack at this technology. All it takes is honesty and money. The proposal will come after I lock up the basic patent for the navigation tool required to do FTL.

The crucial question.

How Does Gravity Use Entanglement To Link With The Other Forces?

Premise: A small proportion of G moves instantly between all masses denoted by Gi. With increases in time and distance between masses, the percentage of Gi increases until at a predictable distance it becomes equal to the rest of the Gc force that is propagated at c the speed of light.

Why must Gi% increase? Because Gi is operating as a constant G force per unit time at all distances.(It does diminish via Inverse Square Law, but that does not change argument.) An example: Posit that at Earths orbit Gi = 1/10,000 of total G force per second, but it is working for about 505 seconds before Gc from Sun arrives, thus Gi percentage of total G force increases, i.e. G will be measured to go about one percent FTL. Ergo, the Gi percentage(%) of total G force between Earth and Sun increases steadily per unit time as distance between masses increases, while by the inverse Square Law total G force is decreasing with distance.

When a predictable distance is reached then Gi% = Total G force. This causes the total G force to drop instantly to Gi = h-bar of the Gravity between initial masses, where initial G force of two minimum masses starting adjacent to each other is h. This boundary distance between masses where the Gi force is the only G felt is quite large, thus the dark matter and energy on the other side of the surface of our Moebius geometry universe must behave smoothly, no lumpiness at light year distances.

Why this instant drop to h-bar at a large predictable distance between masses? Because you can't use G twice, violates conservation.

Here is link to Gravity tests to prove Gi exists: Tests proving Gravity moves from c to instantly and implications.

Later I will expand on this more. For example, why this requires a Repulsive Force(RF) to explain where dark matter and energy are. Why this RF is necessary for a Moebius geometry universe to exist and more.

12-25-16 Merry Christmas. Thanks for the no questions, it would have been distracting I think, but it still feels most bizarre. Denial that I have been warning you about this since April 2005 here on the N1CL site has been well measured. Now over 6.5 million hits. However, while your silence has enabled me to figure this out, time is getting short; so continuing to keep your heads up where the Sun doesn’t shine won't make a deadly problem for all go away.

Wake up please, register. Help get my proposed tests done.

12-26-16, revised 1-8-17 The RF is the key. Matter and Anti-Matter must repel one another via a reverse Gravity field when they are perpendicular to each other on opposite sides of Moebius Surface. A reverse Gravity entanglement is logically required when our universe maximizes space between matter lumps. Without the two sided Moebius surface, Matter and Anti-Matter could not repel one another via the RF of gravity. So as two masses approach perpendicular to each other from opposite sides of M surface, then Gi between them repels = Repulsive Force(RF).

An example: When two masses attract each other it looks like a tug of war between them. Ergo the tugging masses must have their heels dug in to restrain the attractive force between them i.e. G, to a predictable rate per unit time = RF.

How RF works at short distances explains the differences between the Strong and Weak Nuclear forces. Think about it.

1-8-17 Why a Moebius is NOT a single surface with only one side: A side is with respect to an observer. A side blocks perception along some avenues of perception = a side has real objective existence. By conservation two sides with same objective characteristics can NOT occupy same surface points in space-time. Ergo, the mathematicians are wrong in assuming a single side for a Moebius.

1-1-17 In topics just before this ToE topic I discuss counting with zero. There is an additional action for Zero which permits us to directly include the RF in the base equation(s) implied by this expanded base theory. It takes combining two minuses in a proper geometric way to make a plus. It backs us up against 'no more' for now. The boundary between what we can know and can't yet know objectively.

Wake up please, register. Help get the tests done. Happy New Year!

"I swear to speak honestly and seek the truth when I use the No 1st Cost List public record."

Last edited by Dan on Sat Oct 31, 2020 6:30 pm; edited 1 time in total

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