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Gravity moves from c to instantly over fixed distance.
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PostPost subject: Gravity moves from c to instantly over fixed distance.
Posted: Thu Apr 18, 2013 2:22 am

2020-11-10, posted 2013-4-18

Why is discovering how G links to c so important?
It is the holy grail of present science. The speed of light is used to measure the ties between the weak, strong,
and electromagnetic forces, but not Gravity, which ties all masses together at all distances. Until we tie G to c,
we can not know our location within the universe = on the surface of space-time, nor can we relate quantum
forces to macro masses.

By precisely tying G force propagation to c over all distances we can deduce how the weak, strong and
electromagnetic forces relate to any mass at any location on the surface of space-time. This makes possible
our direct manipulation of Gravity(anti-gravity), because we can manipulate the quantum forces of the masses
involved. Anti-gravity and FTL star travel are now possible. More on implications below.

This discovery came about because I initially posited along with Newton that Gravity moved instantaneously
at all distances between any two masses. This is in clear disagreement with Einstein who posited G
propagates at c at all distances. Planck's constant = h

The hypothesis that resolved this disagreement was made by Lisa Randall a physicist at Harvard University.
She posited the universe had two Branes = two sides, and that G propagated instantaneously faraway and
at c nearby.

Einstein was wrong except at a single h distance, and Newton was mostly right except
where G increased to instantaneous from h over a fixed distance described below.

There are two tests described below we can quickly use to verify this Gravity propagation Law.
It is too elegant not to be true.

A Natural Law & some Conclusions

As distance between any two masses increases from h to x in h units(x is defined by precise geometric
property of a Moebius Strip that predicts a precise distance), then G propagates from c at zero distance apart
where zero = h or less apart, to instantaneous at x and beyond distances.

The equation that describes this increase in G propagation as distance apart increases implies a new to me
mathematical operation for basic physics. Such an operation is required to tie Gravity to c and thus the
strong, weak, and electro-magnetic forces.

The limiting speed of light is what keeps everything from happening at the same time, and we need
an instantaneous force like Gravity to keep everything in existence simultaneously = conserved(Plus matter
minus Anti-Matter = 0, e.g. a Moebius keeps +/- matter in separated balance at the same time).
Only a Moebius Strip geometry universe can do that. Thus proving where and when G or another common to
all force is instantaneous at a base level is crucial for completing a GUT that accurately describes how our
universe looks from where we sit.

First Test or Solar Tidal Bulge measurement. About 5-4-2013 I read that Chinese scientists measured the speed of propagation of gravity
from the Sun to Earth using the Solar Tide bulge that follows the Sun as Earth rotates on its axis. It is about
eight minutes thirty seconds behind where it would be when Gravity propagates instantaneously.
There margin of error was around +/- 40 seconds since they only used six observations.

Reducing the above test's margin of error to under a second is simple.
1. Pick 3 or preferably more spots in the deep waters of separate oceans daily.
2. Use the gravity measurements from satellites to confirm where the tidal bulge peaks are at these spots
with respect to where the 'instantaneous g bulges' and the c speed bulges should be.
3. Several hundred or perhaps thousands of such measurements will converge on a measurement
accurate to under a second.

I predict about 8 minutes and 20 second implying G propagated at about 102% c at 92.5 million miles.

The second test or cannonball test is described below. It will show that at h distances out to meters G
propagates at c(actually starts to go faster than c but is for now immeasurably small increase).

Thus creating the tests to show that G moves faster than light(FTL) is conceptually simple,
just not obvious with our present technology.

I designed the second test that measures Gravities speed of propagation in April for close distances.
How it works is described below.

In conversation with gravity scientists, they say we can measure a gram change in mass at a centimeter
and a kilogram at 10 centimeters. Since these measuring tools are "scales" they can not react fast enough
for us to see such a small time difference; i.e. an 'instantaneous' change in G force upon a mass must occur
faster than it takes light(FTL) to reach the detector, but does this mean that the Mass must move past the
detector at close to speed of light?

At first thought the answer seems to be yes, so what about a powerful particle accelerator like CERN?

Using CERN will not work because the increase in mass as a bunch of particles is accelerated close to c
is several orders of magnitude less than required.

A clue as to how: A month ago I watched my first and only music video on Comcast,
never heard of the female artist.

Out of the blue they switched to showing her singing in a large room whose floor was covered in glasses of
water, many hundreds of glasses. Suddenly they started a hard loud bass beat. Lo and behold, all the glasses
showed a circular ripple pulsating in time with the sharp beat.

1.All we need are two concentric rings each with four pressure change detecting spheres filled with water,
then we can shoot a high speed multi-kilogram cannon ball through the center of the two concentric rings.
Each pair of detectors are placed perpendicular to the center of the two rings.
2. As a high speed cannonball passes, there should be a measurable increase in pressures in the
spheres. When the pressure increases occur simultaneously then 'Voila', we have demonstrated
instantaneous G.
Any difference will imply speed of propagation of the G force.

3. To measure simultaneous pressure increases each pair of inner and outer detectors must be placed
perpendicular to the center of the rings. Each pair of detectors must be connected by two equal length light
cords that meet exactly at the midpoint between them. e.g. the pair of inner and outer detectors are
8 centimeters apart, so that requires two 4 centimeter light cords. By construction, 4 centimeters is less than
the distance from the projectile passing through the center to both the inner and outer concentric detectors.

4. We do not need relativistic velocities, just accurately measured 5-10,000 feet per second velocities.
Fast enough to generate sharp peaks in pressures within the water filled spheres.

5. An 120 mm Abrams smooth bore tank gun will do.

6. We can put detectors around barrel near muzzle. The tank gun can be orientated very carefully
so as to make Third Test possible.

[b]Conclusions when G is instantaneous:

1. There is a simultaneous NOW. All parts of the universe exist simultaneously right NOW.
2. This means matter must be separated by "time" = c, the speed of light.
3. G propagates through space, not between the two sides of any Moebius.
4. Moving between two sides of Moebius must also be instantaneous. Ergo any 'mass' is predictably pushed back from between two sides of the surface of the Moebius to a 'predictable' point on its surface.
5. The test described above also measures c, since we use data transmitted at c to report results of test. Interesting implications for possible kinds of mass/speed location measurements using measured G forces.

Conclusions when we see G moves at c.
1. We need another base force that moves instantaneously at all finite distances to create a universal NOW.
Since we see entanglement moving instantaneously, we know such a force exists.
2. Or we need to demonstrate G moving at c is necessarily a local phenomena because it shares the local
surface of our Moebius with light.
3. Or C is with respect to all 'observers', so seeing G moving at c is a construct created by observer.

Conclusions G instantaneous except for local distances between masses, where c decreases to c
at an h distance from x number of h units.

1. We can deduce quantum effects and predict the internal relationships of quarks. These will be analogous
to pairs of dice combinations. I think standard six faced. About time I looked at quantum effects.

Suggested Methods & Materials
A high speed solid shot 120 mm round. For example, the armor piercing round of the US Abrams battle tank
is 41.1 pounds = 18.4 kg fired at over 5000 fps. Any high speed solid shot of about 18 kg will do, but heavier
is better. Since the 120 mm is a smooth bore, we can use a solid tungsten cannonball which will be heavier.
A spherical 120 mm cannonball of tungsten weighs 17.41 kg.

Wrap detector pairs around end of tank gun barrel. Fire rounds through as many detector pairs as you like.
Just make sure you separate each detector pair by 8-10 centimeters and the inner and outer detectors
of each pair are perpendicular to center of gun barrel.

Measure simultaneous pressure changes. Use equal length 40 mm light tubes to send pressure signal
from detecting spheres to halfway point between pairs of inner and outer detectors measured by same clock.
Should they arrive simultaneously G moves instantaneously.

Putting detectors around tank gun barrel protects them from air pressure changes from passage of cannonball,
plus when gun is fired is irrelevant, just when detector signal differences from passage of cannonball matter.

For example, a single clock is useful here, as it is the simultaneous arrival of a low pressure peak in pressure
from outer detector exactly coinciding with the high pressure peak in pressure from inner detector that counts
to show instantaneous.

Each detecting pairs clock can then be synchronized with the others easily.

Needs Ergo, we need a two sided film that gives signal when light arrives simultaneously on both sides.
Better yet, it should show signal strength difference; or does light arriving at ends of light cords generate
interference pattern when it meets light arriving from other cord?

When clocks show same time, we prove instantaneous G.

This is a cheap test, should the US or other military cannon to fire a high speed solid shot round.

The detecting spheres should be made of piezoelectric shells filled with water = any pressure change should
send signal that varies with rate of pressure caused by g force change, thus indicating
Mass and location of passing mass.

What are recent tests showing how fast G propagates and implications?
None that show any results except for the above mentioned Solar Tidal Bulge measurements.

"I swear to speak honestly and seek the truth when I use the No 1st Cost List public record."

Last edited by Dan on Tue Nov 10, 2020 8:45 am; edited 2 times in total

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