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Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle Applied To All Measurements

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PostPost subject: Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle Applied To All Measurements
Posted: Sun Oct 24, 2021 1:08 am


How Heisenberg Showed Why Present Scientific
Measurements Exclude Deducible Observations

Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle states that we cannot know both the position and speed of a particle,
such as a photon or electron, with perfect accuracy; the more we nail down the particle's position, the less
we know about its speed and vice versa [with respect to Planck's Constant=h].
In short, a measurement EXCLUDES, by construction, actual objective measurements.

By expanding Heisenberg's Principle to a Natural Law applied to all measurements;
reveals a vast field of now unseen measurements making honest civilizations possible, and
massively expanding what we can see and understand about our universe.

To do these unseen measurements absolutely requires scrupulous honesty in reporting
objective scientific predictions to the public, and by implication, absolute honesty from leaders.
Otherwise Garbage measurements in, Garbage inferences out. Bad measurements kill.

An eye test will show us what our present measuring methods exclude.
Nine months ago I had my eyes checked for new glasses.
I waited for 20 minutes for the ophthalmologist in the testing room, so I was reading all the
different directions on conducting tests on the wall in fine print. He came in and after doing the
standard eye test, he said I was basically blind in both eyes. Since I was counting his nose hairs
and pores in his skin. I demurred. I bet him I could show him why he was wrong.

It is obvious once pointed out: The test was done in Black vs White,
only one mutually exclusive contrast;
thus excluding the Infinite Set of contrasts between all the colors in the light spectrum.
I see color contrasts and have have excellent vision. I use glasses for reading.

Scientific Conclusion:
By inspection, this example shows how and why we can generalize Heisenberg to all measurements.
A Natural Law is an measured Constant like Newton's Law of Gravity; not a theory. A GUT theory is
required to explain the causal relationships between the discovered 220+Natural Laws.

Ethical Conclusion For Us
Why E-Ts have to use pictures to show us coming events. Liars(us) habitually and
thus unconsciously deny what their reported measures(lies) actually imply for others.
Since people lie for gain, this makes honest peaceful self-government impossible.
Therefore the E-Ts can't trust us to keep agreements, and we certainly don't trust them
because we don't trust one another.

I suggest we fix our public lying problem by holding our leaders accountable for lying to us.
We don't, Earth is going to be whacked by an asteroid, a falsifiable prediction. Go look.

"I swear to speak honestly and seek the truth when I use the No 1st Cost List public record."

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