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We refer to the No 1st Cost List as the N1CL throughout these user and member agreements.

You must first register using the '[url=https://no1stcostlist.com/?name=Your_Account&file=register]Register[/url] Button' on the Home Operations page Left menus, and pick a User Name to become a full member/future co-owner, who agrees that you will never attempt to buy, sell all or any part of the N1CL, or try to change its purpose and the functions required to let anyone register to publicly challenge N1CL news.

then you enter your User Name,

then hit the Submit button below to accept these nine (9) full member agreements(4) and included conditions.

Your permanent n1cl-# will be assigned upon completion. Your permanent n1cl-# address is always yours for use in emergencies, even when you are not current in payments.

Payments for Verifying Who You Are:

YOU will receive a ($25 credit) paid as a free monthly subscription fee, for helping verify who you are within 90 days. Should you verify without using a Full Member, then you will receive another $10 credit.

An EXISTING full member will be paid $20 for verifying who you are within 90 days of your registration as a full member, plus 50% of your $2 monthly verification override for as long as you are a member.

1. I swear to speak honestly and seek the truth when using the N1CL Public Record,

2. I agree to answer questions from anyone who has agreed to use the N1CL "Question & Answer(Q&A) Dialogue Procedures", about what I say, sell, or solicit on the Public Record of the N1CL,

3. I agree to use the Question and Answer(Q&A) procedures and accept its 'Best Feature' described on top of Home Operations.

4. I agree to abide by the N1CL constitution, acceptable use policies, usage, licensing agreements and any other constraints and agreements that affect my membership, or any changes in them arrived at during Beta, or in them by N1CL constitutional procedures thereafter.

5. As long as they have agreed to accept N1CL arbitration. I agree to use the N1CL arbitration mechanism for complaints from anyone about anything I have sold, solicited, or agreed to do with/for them when these arrangements are put on the N1CI public record; Default Fund Pay Outs (This default condition will not apply until we have $100,000 in the default fund.)

Upon your not paying a N1CL arbitration judgment against you by the time ordered, or after making arrangements with the judgment winner; then the N1CL default fund will pay the amount of any N1CL arbitration decision against you, up to the amount of your legally available net worth, or 10% of the default fund, whichever is smaller. You agree to pay all costs of collection in addition to the amount of the judgment plus interest set at the going prime plus 2% in the USA.

6. The N1CL Full voting membership fee(including Beta) is $25 a month, plus any applicable taxes and transaction fees, and is non-refundable. You may unsubscribe at any time, but will lose your overrides thereafter until you resubscribe. Non-payment of monthly fees will lead to suspension of Full Member privileges and overrides unless monthly overrides are sufficient to pay fees.

7. The penalties for violating the above conditions excluding non-payment of monthly fees or other normal user and member charges, can be delisting as a full voting member for up to seven(7) years.

8. The N1CL uses We Owe You(WOUs) to borrow the money needed for Initial and Future Capital, Research, & Start-up Operating Expenses.

These WOUs are repaid by an "in perpetuity" monthly payment of 5% of SGR divided equally between ONLY the WOUs freely given, rewarded, or issued to borrow money from the public, i.e. not ever given, rewarded, or issued N1CL Treasury WOUs do not receive the 5% in perpetuity.

The owners of WOUs have no ownership, voting rights, or say in running or governing the N1CL as these WOUs are non-recourse loans.

Since the N1CL can not know in advance what SGR will be, the N1CL can not guarantee the amount of these "5% SGR" payments, nor that the N1CL will exist "in perpetuity".

That means should the N1CL not succeed, you understand that you won't receive your "5% SGR" payments and that in your Full Member agreement and registration agreements, you agreed not to seek legal recourse.

When you purchase or transfer the ownership of a WOU, it must be to a registered member of the N1CL so the 5% SGR can be paid. No transfer, payment goes to last person or persons listed as the registered owners of this loan to the N1CL.

When you are the registered owner of a WOU, you can assign your 5% SGR to anyone less transaction costs. For example, to the bearer as long as 'you the registered owner say so", and designate for how long including "in perpetuity", this means no take back. Which means the last bearer can take over ownership upon presentment of legal proof of ownership = a legal receipt and receive any accumulated 5% SGR these WOUs have earned. Should they register with the N1CL as the new owner then they are, or they can pass it on as a bearer

An observation on what a real money does, (This use of WOUs as a money creates a non debasable money by our governments and so called central banks. By subdividing the initial issuance of WOUs and using them as "bearer bonds = as warehouse certificates with actual gold in the warehouse = i.e. real income = 5% SGR we create a people created money backed by real production.

Our success rests on your realization that we require a N1CL to create real honest NEWS for all so we can become a civilized world.

9. An existing full N1CL member must verify who you are within 90 days after you use a Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or Debit Card, or PayPal account, acceptable to PayPal(for now) with your name and address, OR a full N1CL member can sign you up, OR you agree to use any method acceptable to the N1CL, e.g. fax NOTARIZED ID papers to the N1CL 206 407 3277 (USA) within 90 days of signing up.

The N1CL can change these payment arrangements as necessity, economy, and ease of use to our members dictate.

Subscribing by Paypal constitutes your acceptance of this N1CL Full Member agreement.

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