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Public Record of the No 1st Cost List(N1CL)

An early version done about March 1, 2008.

Public Accountability, Science, Liberty and Justice for All, demand a real place where anyone can speak in front of all, subject to "public questions from anyone"!

Please bear with me as I write and edit this story almost daily. Any material changes will be dated, otherwise I will punctuate, fix misspellings, reorder sentences, etc for clarities sake, without saying what and when. When I get to the end, I will so state.

Why We Have A Conservation Debt Made of Anti-Matter and When Will It Strike


To my knowledge, every single piece of published data, the scientific reports, pictures and records and other reports that could bear on this matter support my predictions. These 'reports' range from basic observations that confirm the fundamental theory, to pictures of the crop circles and their published field reports. No discrepancies, no contradictions; just a list of evidence that gets longer and longer, more and more detailed; right down to a picture by the Hubble in 1998 showing the vaporized remains of what was once a living planet. Our Gamma Burst astronomers call it the "afterglow'. Long term Gamma Blasters & Gamma Bursters sky map

The Path To This Prediction

Around December 1990, I posited that to cause movement in our life forms, we had to be thin Moebius strip shaped spirits. By February of 1991, I deduced that to cause a body to move, we spirits must be splitting sub-atomic particles in our 'brains' triggering action in our bodies. The plus matter half moved the body, the Anti-Matter(A-M) half = the cost had to be put somewhere else. Thats because Matter and A-M blow up when they touch with a very big Boom from their 100% matter to energy conversion. Since we see no Boom-Booms in our brains or any past evidence for Boom-Booms on Earth this raised the question: "Where are our spirits putting the A-M?".

With no evidence on earth for A-M explosions in our past or the present, there could only one place we could be putting these A-M particles, in the future. By the premise of own-cost minimization that would be as far in the future as possible. In a Moebius strip shaped universe, that is right on the other side. You know the next question and its answer: Can we keep our conservation debt away from us forever? It should be no surprise that the answer is NO.

I had no evidence of any kind for the conclusion, but suddenly I was shown incontrovertible evidence that not only did our A-M debt exist, but that it was coming due soon. After the shock wore off, I thought on it for three days. I deduced that we could 'disconnect' it, hence the warning on Page 1. It is best to start at the beginning. First, a synopsis of how I arrived at this prediction and the evidence for it that I learned along the way. Next, I will list and discuss [b]the actual ToDos of disconnecting our conservation debt and related matters. These ToDos are for the rest of you ToDo. You did not really think the responsibility for saving yourself and Earth required no action on your part, did you? These ToDos can only be done quickly enough by those of you who claim to be scientists. There is only one way I can think of to cause fast Public action. Use the N1CL. It is for honest real-time scientists, news people, politicians, and citizens of Earth.


1. 1975 It started with Coase's Theorem: 'The Problem of Social Cost' Journal of Law & Economics, October 1960 by Ronald Coase. He asked a brilliant question, 'Who do we hold liable(make pay) for causing a cost to another, the person causing the damage; or the person being damaged?'. Strict Liability, we make the damager pay; or No Liability, we make the person damaged, pay the damager NOT to damage them again in the future(extortion). No Liability sounds exactly like the legal definition of extortion.

Coase made his comparison using the Quantity of Goods & Services Exchanged(Q G&S XCed) as his measure of value for his comparison. How Q G&S XCed is used as a measure is defined by Walras Law, the mathematical foundation of neoclassical economics. By construction, it explicitly requires that you must use one of the Goods in the chain of goods exchanged modeled as a common denominator = a Money = Numeraire, to sum up the Q G&S XCed.

2. In 1984 I realized what error Coase had made in his brilliant comparison of how we enforce 'Who we make pay?'. Coase had not used one of the goods in his chain of exchange as his 'money' to sum up the Q G&S XCed; instead he had used imaginary money prices. As a scientist, you are not allowed to make comparisons using imaginary measures. You must use a real objective piece of the universe that we all can agree we can see and touch = "objective".

3. Using one of the real measures(either the cattle or the wheat) in Coases's superb example of the Cattleman and the Wheat Farmer that illustrated Coase's question; I made Coase's comparison and showed that No Liability ALWAYS reduced the Quantity of Goods & Services Exchanged. I wrote a paper called, "The Objective Measure Of Value Created By Exchange" and showed it to mentors. My mentor professors said in private that I was right, but they would not help me publish. Publication was blocked by an anonymous referee from the Journal of Law & Economics in 1984. I got mad and the N1CL and what follows is the result.

4.After cooling down from being rejected, I asked; "How must we life forms work for my result to be true?". The answer came a few months later in 1985. All life forms are unconscious "Own Time Cost Minimizers". After all, we each only have the same 24 hours a day alive = one unit of time alive per unit time as measured by c = speed of light. I had plugged us into e = m^2. I had made the fundamental scientific discovery, what the 'objective' measure of value' all life forms must use to tell what is good and bad for themselves. When you take to long to get what you need to say alive, you die.

I realized that I had also discovered the premise we must use for a Grand Unification theory(GUT). My initial refutation of Coase implied that all life forms must use something to measure what is good and bad for themselves anywhere in a conserved universe.

5.1985 I deduced that the simplest geometric shape the universe could take from a single 'common to all things' premise = a plus/minus two sided plane surface = a Moebius Strip. Ergo, we lived in a Moebius strip shaped Universe:

6. 1990 "Spirits" cause life forms to move:

Since we move without any outside physical cause, I deduced that a cause must exist that had 'dominion' over energy and matter = a physical observable spirit. The only basic way to have 'dominion' over all forms of matter, was to be able to 'split' matter/energy into two parts, .i.e 'make a hole'.

7. Two equal but opposite parts meant that one part was Matter, the other Anti-Matter, which is the cost of movement going upstream against the natural entropy of the universe. Which raises a question?????

8. Where is the A-M? We see no sign of explosions in our brain in the present or the past, so where did we put the A-M? There is only one place left, since we do not see it in the present or the past. It must be in the future with respect to us. But How can the future exist with respect to us? Look at a Moebius, the past and eventually our future is right on the other side.

9. By the premise of own time cost minimization, we spirits would want to put it as far as possible into our future, and in a Moebius strip shaped universe, that starts out right on the other side. Which raises a question answered below, putting the A-M on the other side leaves a 'hole' in our bodies. What are we filling the hole up with?

10. Can we dodge our conservation debt forever? By the very premise of conservation = every action has an equal and opposite reaction; the answer is: "Of course not".

11. February 1991 I did this thought experiment: So what does it look like when the bill comes due? It is a ball of A-M coming from as away as possible in the universe, which means from the other side of the Sun at 1/2 the speed of light on the plane of the Earth's ecliptic. At that speed the Sun gets in the way and KABOOM, Earth gets vaporized by the ray of pure energy emmitted like a laser beam from the leading edge of our A-M debt.

Now that is one bizarre prediction and I had no evidence of any kind for it. All I had was three fundamental premises that I knew to be true; 1. The universe is conserved, 2. We life forms are own time cost minimizers, and 3. We are spirits who make our bodies live and move by splitting particles in our brains into plus/minus matter parts.

The Evidence

1. February 10, 1992: Science News, Feb 1, 1992 Cover article, 'Geometric Harvest' by Gerald Hawkins, a mathematician. On the cover was a picture of the first very complex, large Crop Circle, the Barbary Castle. Barbary Castle, Science News cover

Hawkins article was about the fact that some of these circles, including the Barbary Castle, were elegant proofs of geometric theorems Never Before Published on Earth in ancient or modern mathematical literature.

I called Gerald because the theorems were approximation theorems and I was trying to figure out how to write an equation for a Moebius Strip Shaped Universe, since there was no equation for a Moebius that did not depend upon an externally defined co-ordinate system. When I deduced we were in a MSS universe, I went to my local math dept. I was sure there was an equation for Moebius strips listed in the back cover of some math textbook. With it, all I would have to do was plug it into e = mc^2, add(invent) a new math operation and done. Pretty simple. It turns out there was no such Moebius equation. The equation is taking a little longer than I thought it would.

The ShockGerard and I talked for 45 minutes and towards the end he asked me to explain why I was asking and I explained my theory. The picture of the Barbary Castle on the cover of Science News started to poke me in the corner of my eye. I realized it could be showing the explosion I was describing to Gerard as applied to Earth. The two inner concentric rings were exactly proportional to the orbits of Mercury and Venus, when measured from the center to the outer edges at the one spoke circle. I realized that the rays coming out from the center had to be from the laser beam of pure incandescent energy from the leading edge of our A-M debt when it hit the sun at one half light speed. "The second Ball" shows us being heated up very rapidly. "The third ball" is the neatest, 'you have just been vaporized' symbol one could imagine. I was ecstatic, eyewitness confirmation, this picture could only have been drawn by someone who had seen this from space. Forty five seconds later, I remembered what planet they were talking about, the one I was standing on. I became less thrilled. It took me three days to figure out that in theory at least, we could disconnect it.

The circle says, "In six years(units of time) you are going to be vaporized on July 16, 1997.". I assumed they were using Earth years as their unit of time. Much later, I realized that the E-Ts had used the impact of the Shoemaker-Levy comet to show what time unit they were using = three Earth years. So the Barbary Castle actually says, "In six units of time(three Earth years) Earth will be vaporized by a ray of pure energy coming from the sun." From July 17, 1991, eighteen years sidereal years is July 16, 2009.

2. January 17, 1993 New York Times, Science section. The long article was about Long-term Gamma Blasters: The radiation signature of our conservation debt explosions. I became sure after asking my first question to one of the astro-physicists named in the article. He was in England. "How does their frequency vary with duration?"; the answer, "Frequency increases with duration = (power and size). In a conserved universe the bigger things are, the fewer you see; unless a 'local conservation violation' = (life forms exist) to create the fuel for a larger longer explosion. How long a Conservation Debt lasts is a function of the orbital radius of each living planet. After life starts an A-M debt on a planet, each living planet has an equal number of revolutions around their sun before their A-M debt comes due. As you move out from a sun, a planet's annual orbit takes longer. On average, the further out from a sun, the more planets you see and the longer life can exist on them = bigger A-M debt. This explains why some of these 'Long Term Gamma Blasters last over 2000 seconds. (Note, after I explained my theory to the five major astrophysicists involved in studying Long term Gamma Blasters to them, I never saw the term mentioned again in the scientific or popular literature. Insead at present, our astronomers do not separate out the clearly 'segmented by duration' populations of 'Gamma Bursters", the present euphemism for Long Term Gamma Blasters. How interesting?).

3.On July 16, at 7:42 GMT 1994, the Shoemaker-Levy hit Jupiter exactly three sidereal years after the Barbary Castle Circle hit the ground within a plus or minus five minute interval. When the BC was placed down, was verified by two independent pairs of respectively, scientists and engineers, who were coming back from conferences. They saw a light come down from the sky over the field at about 1:25 AM GMT July 17, 1991 from separate locations.

4. June 26, 1995, the Missing Earth crop circle, Longwood-Warren. It shows the an exactly proportional solar system out to the Asteroid belt. It shows the 65 largest asteroids and uses four cocentric rings for the planets orbits, with balls on the rings representing the planets. Only one little problem, our ball, Earth's ball is missing. Now there is a serious statement to make about someones home planet, wouldn't you say? Just kidding? 'Missing Earth" or Longwood-Warren circle, June 26, 1995

5. The date shown by the remaining three planets in 'Missing Earth' is July 17, 1:25 AM GMT 2003, exactly 12 sidereal years later after the Barbary Castle crop circle. I assumed the positions of the asteroids gave the date down to a second, but how the E-Ts showed when, to the exact second, took me longer to figure out. It is perfect elegance, they used the conjunction of two of the asteroids shown. There orbits are over 10 million miles apart; so they can be 'in conjunction' for only about a minute, because their orbital velocities differ by about 1.5 kms. Thus, by using two overlapping asteroids, they showed us when to the second. Neato!

6. 1998 Hubble takes a picture of the 'afterglow' from one of these long-term gamma blasters only 7800 light years away, only a few hours after the event. The 'afterglow' is the vaporized gas cloud from that stars previously living planet. It enlarges for awhile, then faded away over the next few weeks. Our present astronomers have seen many more 'afterglows' since.

7. The conclusive piece of evidnece. In about 2000, the "Sun Burns Anomalously" article in science News was the piece of evidence that closed the deal. It verified conclusively my hypothesis on how are spirits filled up the 'hole' left by the A-M sent to the other side of our Moebius universe. Mechanism: I had deduced from the premise that our spirits went between the two sides of the surface of our Moebius, 'under the sun', and then on to the A-M debt. When an A-M particle was sent to the conservation debt by our U channel shaped spirit, it changed the polarity of the channel and 'sucked a plus particle from the sun', sending it back to fill up the 'hole' in our bodies(brains). Logical, tidy, but how could one possibly test that 'prediction' on how we spirits must work.

Paraphrasing the article: "The sun burns anomalously". The only explanation for the way it burns is that a 'small black hole' resides permanently at the core of the sun; OR, our spirits are sucking back 'plus particles' from our Sun. Since black holes are voracious, they do not stay small. As I stated above, the maraschino cherry on top of our evidence sundae.

The 'perfectly elegant' way the E-Ts used the astroids to show exactly when:

In the field notes at the cropcircleconnector.com about the Longwood-Warren (missing Earth crop circle June 26, 1995(go into archives), it says it had 65 circles in the asteroid ring. I kept counting only 64 in the picture I was using, a black/white blowup of a color picture of 'Missing Earth","Missing Earth", black & white blowup I used. About the sixth time, I noticed that two of the circles overlapped = a conjunction. The three largest asteroids by the size of the circles used to represent them, were seemingly close to the right location for July 16, 2009. I used Redshift5, a planetarium program, to check the positions of the asteroids. After I noticed the overlap and then looked at the 'plot of overlapped actual asteroids' with Redshift5, I found that the two overlapped circles in the 'Missing Earth' were in conjunction on July 16, 2009. By the percentage of overlap, the date is given to the second. I stopped checking positions.

9. Science News, September 23, 2006 Page 196 "Enigmatic Eruptions: Gamma-ray bursts lack supernova fireworks." They could not be linked to Super Novas. I assert that all the ones over 20 + seconds can not be so linked.

10. Cover-ups: These Long-Term Gamma Blasters, give off gamma rays, the radiation signature of matter/anti-matter explosions. They last for many hundreds of seconds and come from all over the sky at the rate of about one a week. Until 1993 they were called Long Term Gamma Blasters, January 17, New York Times, Science section.

Cover-up 1: I did not see the term Long-Term Gamma Blasters used again after 1993, when I learned about them. After reading the NYT article, I called and talked with the astro phycisists who dealt with Gamma Blasters. During our conversations they asked and I explained my theory for what caused them. After my calls, I did not see the term 'Long-Term Gamma Ray Blasters' mentioned again. Since my calls, both the short and the long are all called Gamma Ray Bursters.

Cover-up 2: Go to http://grb.sonoma.edu/index.php and see how the graphs are truncated and their own reports are contradicted by their own graphs.

Cover-up 3: As you can see for yourself, the Long-Term Gamma Blasters are lumped in with the short ones from other causes. Since there is a natural separation by time duration, and scientists categorize things by observed differences, not doing so raises troubling questions about the scientists the integrity of the scientists concerned.

There is other evidence that bears on the fact we live in a Moebius universe, but it is not important right now. Verifying the evidence listed above is enough. Disconnecting the debt is simple, even easy when we cooperate for just a day.

What Exactly is Going To Happen

A ball of Anti-Matter is coming at us from as far away as possible in the universe, at one/half the speed of light.

It is our Conservation Debt that we(Earth's Life Forms) create when we move our bodies around. It is the cost we spirits must incur when we create bodies to live in. Life is not free. The debt is for us on Earth, but at one half light speed, the sun gets in the way and so, Kaboom, a Long-term Gamma Blaster.

At impact, a ray of pure energy comes straight out of the sun at Earth and vaporizes us. We now have many pictures of these events from the Chandra satellite and the Hubble and other large telescopes. They call the hot cloud from these vaporized planets the 'Afterglow'.

These explosions give off gamma rays, the radiation signature of matter/anti-matter explosions. They last for many hundreds of seconds and come from all over the sky at the rate of about one a week. Until 1993 they were called Long Term Gamma Blasters, January 17, New York Times, Science section.

Purpose of Science

For you to understand the evidence you need to understand what a scientific theory is and how it makes the data understandable. I will define terms as we use them. There is some repetition, during Alpha and Beta, partially intentional. We will refine this explanation as questions are asked.

Most people, including many scientists, do not understand the real operational purpose of science: The 'truth' that we seek, "How does the universe work?", is expressed scientifically with a logical structure called a theory. Scientists try to create thoeries that make 'perfect' predictions tested by visible measures of cause and effect we all can see used.

What is a Scientific theory?

Ultimately, it is a logical structure ordered with respect to a single causal premise. We use our theories to logically order our Scientific Predictions. Since a theory is just a bunch of symbols we order by premises we all agree on 'in common'; it is easy to change. The universe being 'real', is not so easy to change.

A theories PRIME operational purpose is to show us where our predictions are wrong. A theory enables us to see where logical and observational discrepancies to our theories are. Wrong prfedictions are the basic 'feedstock' of doing science. Thus consciously admitting being wrong is the only fast way we can use these discrepancies to adjust our theories, until the theory makes PERFECT predctions. Its a great line of work, you never run out of work.

Method of Science

Purpose defines methods: Create a theory that makes Perfect Predictions with respect to a single observable 'in common' causal premise.

1. Ask a question about something you can not explain. e.g. "What rule of Liability should we enforce between us?".

2. Gather information about the problem.

3. Try to explain with a 'theory = logic structure' ordered by cause and effect that predicts the causal order of your observations.

Since we don't start with perfection, we have to start with: 1. the predictions a theory suggests, 2. then measure = test them, and 3. then look for discrepancies (wrong predictions), 4. adjust the theory; usually by throwing out the logical part that caused the discrepancy. Sometimes we have add some logical parts, but simplicity is our goal. 5. repeat, ad infinitum until the theory is perfect with respect to a single causal premise. In practice, you get to be wrong a lot before you get it right. However, when you hunch a perfect hypothesis, and then find the data that 'PROVES' it; there is no better feeling.

Ultimate Scientific Goal

Explain how the different parts of the Universe we can observe in common, ultimately work with respect to a single in common = observable by all of us cause.

Cause and effect demonstrated with, "Just the facts, please." Jack Webb, Dragnet.

Modern science started when scientists like Newton discovered a causal Law that described how parts of the universe varied with respect to common measures, i.e. Matter = the force relationship between masses of matter as the distance between them changed. Our two measures are Mass and Distance.

Newton's equation took this form; F(force) = G times Mass1 times mass2 divided by the square of the distance between the masses, i.e. F = GMaMb/Rsquared. Now there are now many such scientific laws for relationships between different parts of our universe. E = mcc is another example.

Discovering such a causal law is a high scientific achievement. Discovering the base cause that links all the 'parts' together would be the highest scientific achievement. It is the answer to the question directly implied by the term Grand Unification theory (GUT); "Unified with respect to what?".

The short answer is that our 'objective' causal premise for a GUT must begin and end with us. Thats because a scientific theory is created by one or more of us to describe how the universe works back to all of us, thus a scientific theory must begin and end with us. So what is?

A Definition

Conservation = we start with one unit of everything in the universe and when we get done slicing and dicing and moving things around, all the parts must still add up to one unit of everything. So far scientists have never seen a real violation of conservation; instead when some think they have found one, we find out after awhile that we just did not understand what was really going on.

Dan Alter n1cl-1

P.S. As near as I can tell, our spirits could be immortal. We do seem to like having bodies to trot around. Tough to do without a planet.

OBJECTIVE = Each of us can potentially verify the evidence with our senses, directly or by implication. You can rap it with your knuckles. The evidence can be seen 'in common'.

Our 'planetary spirit line' has another crucial function besides giving us an 'anchor point' to hold our spirits taut so we can cut particles in two; "It prevents anything from going behind us in time.". Ergo, a 3-4 billion light year long 'reef in space', one must go around this reef, to get to the other side. Implying star traveling civiliztions would 'meet at the end' to do business with each other. A second factor, star travel implies thermonuclear weapons. I would strongly suspect having uninvited visitors drop into your solar system would be 'not liked'; ergo, "Lets meet on neutral ground, the planet on the end of our reef in spacetime.".

I understand why they would not tell us directly. We are savages, we let out leaders get away with lying to us, we do not have star travel, thus we can not be saved, except for picked individuals. Further, since planets are dying at less than half there actual service lifetime; that implies a shortage of biodiversity in the universe. This explains why abductees report being bred by the E-Ts, the cattle mutilations, etc. It would be a sin to waste our 'meat'. The E-Ts are saving what they can, just as we would in their shoes.

OBJECTIVE = Each of us can potentially verify the evidence with our senses, directly or by implication. You can rap it with your knuckles. The evidence can be seen 'in common'.

Disconnection ToDos

I will list these in the order I think of them. Editing etc will be separate.

2-05-20081. Build a Spirit-Scope:

(2-04-2008)TEST of prediction todo: In order to "drop the ship down the wormhole" at the end of the Fixed Ray(FR) part of our 'planetary spirit line'; we need to see our 'spirits' reliably, so as to hover the ship at the end of the 'FR' until the hole appears. Ergo, we must build a spirit-scope. I will make some suggestions as to how at the bottom of the story below, along with any more todos I think are required. These todos will be right above Rutherford's comment on explaining scientific discoveries to non-scientists.

Not me, but someone(s) else among the rest of us. Some general comments first. I do theory, so I know very little about optics etc, but I do know a little about basic physics; so lets outline what we know first and maybe we can come up with possible ways to see our spirits QUICKLY with a mechanical tool.

1. Witnesses have reported seeing them both by eye and ear for ages. Usually glowing. Mediums have made spirits appear that exude ectoplasem. Some very interesting pictures by reputable people from early 20th century. Not digital and much less amenable to faking.

2. Kirlian photography, again a glowing field around organism, that fades after death. It seems to be a glow reflected off of actual spirit.

3. Meditators report a 'silver cord' that runs up to sky and down into ground through their bodies.

4.Castanada reports a glowing egg with an assemblage point behind left shoulder of people.

The common denominator is glowing light and lines or a line going above and down through the life form.

Possible Mechanism(s) to see:

1.(3-03-2008) Build a mirror to see our spirits. High frequency radiation causes phantom pain in amputees that goes away when blocked. Since we suck A-M particles, we must be 'behind matter', the interference pain implies regular hi freq. radiation interference, implying we can see interference pattern with a mirror of some kind so we can look behind ourselves.

My theory says we spirits are very thin Moebius. and that we have dominion over matter = we can cut or split matter particles. Otherwise we pass right through matter with no resistance except at exact right angle. Thus we must have a very high frequency to split matter and be very thin at the two edges. This implies edges attract until very close.

The surface between the two sides is translucent and I suspect needs to be seen from only the 'right observing point'. Ergo how do we construct the 'right observing point'?

Young children often think that their eyes project light like a searchlight for them to see with, instead of seeing photons reflect off of objects.

My HowTo Suggestion is that we project high frequency light or other high frequency radiation from two or more intersecting sources and look for 'interference patterns' where we think a spirit is. Since spirits are seen as a 'silver cord' then look above and below a life form.

I suggest we do this faster than five months. Also I would be very surprised if someone has not done this already.

(2-05-2008) 2nd ToDo: Holding position automatically at end of Fixed Ray(FR) on other side of Sun on July 16, 2008.

The Fixed Ray points in the original direction our A-M debt went after being started. The Earth and its end of our planetary spirit line orbits around the FR annually. Ergo, FR goes with the sun's orbit, not Earths; and we can not use Earth's orbital path to maintain position 10' off the end of the FR.

Therefore we need the exact path of the Sun's orbit around the galactic core to maintain this 'hover' position until the wormhole opens.

2nd todo (2-05-2008) Make government release E-T info. My interactions with the UFO community and Disclosure activists has been universally disappointing. They all seem to think we can not make govt release said info quickly. Would someone give me a rational reason this info is kept secret. Maybe the E-Ts control our govt??? Who cares, we get the info or we die for sure, unless the rest of you want to make a big bet that the E-Ts were lying about the date in the 'Missing Earth' crop circle.

(2-16-2008) 3nd TEST of prediction todo: Confirm that I have demonstrated how we can use a circle to geometrically tie pi to 'Phi/phi =1' to 'e = 2.718.

(2-16-2008) 4th ToDo: A mathematical requirement, in geometrically showing how to tie 'e' to 'phi', we still need the simplest method of using algebraic symbols to demonstrate this relationship. IMPLIED results are 1st, "When do the percentage rates of change of AB/AC go to 1?". 2nd, "When does ABC return to original angles it started with when A was at center of circle?". 3rd, What I was going for when I saw 'e' to '[phi', "Take a tangent to bottom side of 'between two sides of Moebius at C and run it until it hits top surface. This must create a triangle; so what are its angles given we know the 'distance' between two sides of surface is defined by the fixed Edge Width to Circumference ratio?

[b](2-16-2008) 5th ToDo: The ship must automatically react to wormhole opening and drop down to zero with respect to c(speed light) in less than 1/10th of a second. Ergo, see change in "fixed ray" with 'spiritscope' which triggers drop to zero c.

Theory and Evidence for Sun Explode

"Missing Earth" (Longwood-Warren) June 26, 1995


Rutherford said, "If you can not explain it to a person of ordinary high school education, you do not understand what you are talking about.". I intended this to be understood by a twelve year old. Everyones life depends upon it. Did I succeed? (Rutherford was a great early 20th century physicist(1871-1937) 1908 Nobel prize in Chemistry, he did the foundation work in identifying the properties of radioactive particles.)

Are the Agreements, the Q & A Procedures, and these explanations on Pages 1 & 2 clear?



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