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Here is where you can help create accurate relevant news for all by investing in the N1CL We Owe YOU(WOU) units. With WOUs you can lend to us in $10 WOU increments. There are 100,000,000 N1CL WOU units. That number will remain fixed in perpetuity. 5% of stipulated gross revenues will be divided equally between them and paid in perpetuity. However, WOUs can be divided as long as the divisions are registered at time of sale, so in principle the number of separate parts of the initial WOUs can increase forever. An example of how you build a sound money. See the WOU article for how WOUs can give a handsome rate of return.

We haven't finished setting this module up and customizing it, so please be patient if there are some glitches. It is however active and you are purchasing N1CL WOUs for real.

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